Cologne – in pictures

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Cologne: three days of wind and Rhine

Hohenzollern bridge
The Hohenzollern bridge crosses the Rhine and divides Cologne. Photograph: Chris King

As I gripped my umbrella against the driving rain, I felt as though I might as well have stayed in the UK, where inclement weather is in ample supply. Continue reading

Tourist Trappist: Try monks’ beer on a Belgian brewery tour

ORDERING a triple at the bar would often spark concern for your wellbeing.

Mechelen lies between Antwerp and Brussels. (Image | Chris King)
Mechelen lies between Antwerp and Brussels. (Image | Chris King)

In a Belgian monastery, it is perfectly normal — they might be hurt if you didn’t.

Westmalle Abbey brews two of Flanders’ most heavenly ales, the blonde Tripel and dark brown Dubbel. Home to 36 monks and their forefathers since 1794, it is an hour’s pilgrimage (by car) from Brussels, starting a trip that will lead me to five breweries, two pubs and a beer festival.

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