Cologne: three days of wind and Rhine

Hohenzollern bridge
The Hohenzollern bridge crosses the Rhine and divides Cologne. Photograph: Chris King

As I gripped my umbrella against the driving rain, I felt as though I might as well have stayed in the UK, where inclement weather is in ample supply. Continue reading

My Porsche does… 15mph

A RARE Porsche TRACTOR with a top speed of just 15mph is tipped to fetch more than £18,000 at auction.

Rare | Porsche's slowest ever vehicle. (Image | The Sun)
Rare | Porsche’s slowest ever vehicle. (Image | The Sun)

The two-ton 1958 Diesel Super 308 Traktor has 38 horsepower, against 553 for the firm’s fastest car, the Porsche 911 Turbo S.

It also takes a minute to reach its top speed despite having a three-cylinder, air-cooled 2,625cc engine.

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