TalkTalk use lolly

CORPORATE sponsorship is breaking new ground as TALKTALK funds … lollipop ladies.

Sponsor | Lollipop lady funded by TalkTalk in Bedfordshire. (Image | The Sun)
Sponsor | Lollipop lady funded by TalkTalk in Bedfordshire. (Image | The Sun)

The self-styled “value” telecoms group is in talks with Wandsworth Council in South West London.

Initially, TalkTalk expects to pay for three school crossing patrols but sources claim up to half of the part-time council workers could be funded by the firm. Talks to confirm a deal took place yesterday.

A TalkTalk spokesman said the move was designed to promote its HomeSafe internet security product.

He told The Sun: “We’re like the Green Cross Code of the internet.” TalkTalk sponsored two patrols in Bedfordshire this summer.

The tie-up comes four months after the Tory-led council sparked fury by saying it couldn’t afford £198,000 a year for school crossing patrols. Only this week Wandsworth announced plans to spend £35,000 on new trees.

The GMB union, which represents the patrol workers, said: “Relying on a short-term sponsor to support half the lollipop staff is no way to keep kids safe crossing the roads to school.”

Here are a few other council “opportunities” that firms might want to consider:

– HALFORDS could resurface potholed roads to sell more bikes.

– THAMES Water might fancy poopa-scooping to promote its Super Sewer.

– SPEARMINT Rhino dancers could become council gym instructors…

AA blast on flood defence cash-cut

Exclusive by Steve Hawkes, Sun City business editor

INSURANCE giant AA has panned the Government over the floods devastating homeowners.

The firm claimed ministers contributed to the chaos by slashing flood defence spending.

Criticism | AA. (Image | The AA)
Criticism | AA. (Image | The AA)

AA said £35million went on defences around Carlisle after floods in 2005 — and it has been protected ever since. Insurance spokesman Ian Crowder told The Sun: “We need to see much greater spending on flood defences as the benefits are obvious.

“We also need to see water companies spending more money on drainage systems as I don’t think they are.”

After the ASSOCIATION OF BRITISH INSURERS warned the industry may struggle to meet future flood claims, AA called for a levy on ALL home insurance policies.

Both articles written by Steve Hawkes, Sun City business editor, and sub edited by myself.

Originally published in The Sun on Friday November 30 2012.

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