Carlos Tevez: why are we so surprised?

Carlos Tevez exemplifies the greed of the modern footballer.

Carlos Tevez’ behaviour has, this week, shocked pundits, casual observers, and most particularly, supporters of Manchester City Football Club. However, it seems that far too many people have missed a crucial factor which may explain the stroppy Argentine’s refusal to actually show even a modicum of loyalty to his moneyed employers. This is that the Citizens are not a football club, more the product of a spoilt child’s dedication to Football Manager. There is no team spirit at Eastlands, no loyalty, and certainly no integrity amongst the over-paid, indulged and pampered superstars whom Sky Blues’ fans readily purchase shirts bearing the names of. Tevez is a mercenary, who plays for Manchester City not for love of the club, nor dedication to the ideals and aims of the manager, Roberto Mancini, but simply to satiate his own desires for financial recompense and make up for the fact that he, and nobody else, is to blame for his current career malaise.

Had Tevez been Joe Smith, a 20-year old youth academy product, he’d have been escorted from Eastlands by the presumably expensively-assembled (Maybe Football Manager do bouncer databases too) security team, before he had time to even dare exclaim about the indignity of the situation, let alone falsely protest his innocence. The sad fact is that when money enters into any given equation, the boundaries of decency and morality shift accordingly, and it is fair to say that Tevez is a product of the Premier League. Shameless, and without any decency, decorum, or desire to work to achieve exalted status, he knows that as a world superstar even clubs such as the Citizens can be held to ransom.

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