I just woke up

Facebook has become, for many, a platform for documenting their lives ad nauseum, and playing out events as publicly as possible to a captive audience.

Facebook sickens me. Hell, a lot of things sicken me. But I’d feel overindulgent if I were to whine on for a few hundred words about one of my hatreds more than once a day. The whole thing is an advert. You can treat it like a marketplace too; if you know that saying a certain thing will get you a lot of ‘likes’, well then you’ll probably say it. Nobody can actually say what they are truly feeling, because nobody cares about that. It distracts from this online utopia, the invisible, non-existent but still horribly pervasive publicity room. Everything I see on there appears to me like a press release.

At this point you might ask ‘why don’t you just delete it’? Good question, to which I reply, you can’t just delete it. Don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting Mark Zuckerberg and his pals are trying to take over and control our minds – or are they? – but in life as we live it you cannot afford to be away from this social networking behemoth. Everything is done on Facebook; lives are played out, things are organised, experiences broadcast to gain the approval of others, anecdotes shared, false pseudo-conversations had and pictures uploaded to create the ‘advert’ that Facebook forces us to.

Some of us have better adverts than others – more friends, more tagged photos, more wall posts and comments – but in the end it is all meaningless. It takes over, as well. For those of us lacking these anecdotes and these experiences might want to look at what others are doing, and think wow they’ve got a good advert, why don’t I? I cannot extricate myself from this ceremony of guilt, for this is more or less what I do, along with millions of others.

You know what the worst thing is? That even though I’ve written this and put it online, the only way anybody would take a second to read it is if I advertise it on Facebook. And I’d probably only get a couple of likes. A couple of meaningless clicks of a mouse, devoid of any emotion. The thing is – why the fuck should I care about this? Does it mean people don’t like what I’m saying, or should I have just remembered that Facebook is no place for art or actual expression and just put out a press release about how hungover I may be? You know what, I don’t care. Life is too damn short. I doubt people would even get what I’m saying, or care enough to try and find out.

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