He who shouts the loudest often makes the least sense

Alejandro Faurlin has been the centre of controversy for some time now, but do people actually know what happened with his signing by QPR?

Let’s get one thing out of the way immediately. There’s been more comment on a possible points deduction for QPR this season than almost any other topic in the Championship, with similarly ignorant fans from teams throughout the division throwing their meaningless, ill-informed views into the mix.

The fact is nobody is qualified to comment on the situation apart from the investigators themselves. By leaving the decision so late in the season, the FA have shot themselves in the foot, as deducting QPR points would be greeted by an instant appeal and huge legal ramifications, whilst a fine would bring about immediate derision and cries of injustice from the teams below us. In the end whatever the independent tribunal decides will probably be challenged by either side, but the constant speculation from people who really, with all due respect, have no idea what they are talking about, is starting to grate ever so slightly.

Everyone is talking about QPR cheating and deserving a points deduction, but do they know the specifics of the case? Is there a precedent? Not as far as I can tell. I have not heard one coherent argument from somebody with even a modicum of legal knowledge, just banal ramblings on messageboards from deluded fans of Norwich City and Cardiff City in particular, who would love QPR to have a points deduction because, based on the current table, they have not been as good as the R’s over the course of the season. Secondly, the current manager didn’t sign Faurlin, and the Argentinian’s influence on the club since joining has been nowhere near that of Carlos Tevez, to whom the case is often compared.

Perhaps those referred to in this post should have concentrated a bit more on footballing matters and attempting to win the title and promotion on the pitch, and then they wouldn’t have to resort to such petty jibes, insults and vague speculation going into the final two games of the season. The fact is that the clubs below QPR in the league will not accept any decision from the independent tribunal that doesn’t result in the current league leaders being deducted enough points for them to occupy positions in the table above QPR’s. With this in mind, perhaps we should all just stop throwing our two pennies’ worth in, and just wait until the announcement by the tribunal, on 6 May, at which time this whole media circus will inevitably blow up again.

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